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2007-10-10 - Webpage

Updated this webpage and moved to http://jair.lab.fi.uva.es/~migojed (old maxextreme.googlepages.com and auxdisplay.googlepages.com are still valid links), as it is my new own webpage at University of Valladolid.


2007-04-26 - Linux's Auxiliary Displays' tree merged at 2.6.21

Finally Linux 2.6.21 is here, and drivers/auxdisplay/* inside it. I hope it will be useful for many people in the future! :-)

Thanks everyone who helped to do it possible! Diedura (hardware assistance), Andrew (kept adding many updates at -mm and revising all of them every month!), Paulo Marques (gave me hints and code about his old experiences with similar hardware), Greg, Randy and many others... (revised patchs)!


2007-03-29 - Created the auxdisplay.googlepages.com webpage

...which is a link to maxextreme.googlepages.com/auxdisplay.htm. Some other updates at Miscellaneous.


2007-03-17 - Miscellaneous

Added Miscellaneous section.


2007-02-14 - Linux's Auxiliary Displays' tree will merge at 2.6.21

Updated information about the Linux's Auxiliary Displays tree : It will merge at 2.6.21.


2006-12-05 - Created the Linux's Auxiliary Displays' tree webpage

Added information about the Linux's Auxiliary Displays tree (drivers/auxdisplay/* with ks0108, cfag12864b & cfag12864bfb device drivers)


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